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Internet Terminology

What the Web Has to Offer

Using Search Engines


Language Learning Activities

Evaluating Websites

Teaching with the Web

Speeding up the Web

Designing Web-based activities

Making Web Pages

Web Page Design

Copyright Considerations

Free Webspace

For Teachers

Multimedia on the Web

Interactivity on the Web

Participants' Favorites

Internet Terminology:

Computer Network Glossary:

whatis?com Home Page:

Examples of What the Web Has to Offer:

Chinese: Chinese Characters and Culture -
French: Au Clair de la Lune -
German: Internet-Cafés en Müenchen -
Korean: Digital Chosun Ilbo -
Spanish: La cocina mexicana -
ESL: ESL Multimedia Language Learning -

Language Links, by Lauren Rosen:

FLTeach WWW Resources for Language Teachers:

Center for the Advancement of Language Learning:


Using Search Engines:

Seven Steps Toward Better Searching, by Bernie Dodge -
Searching for the Right Search Engine, by Robert Berkman -
Searching: Saving time, not wasting it, by Deborah Healey -

Popular search engines:


Kid-safe search engines:

Lycos Kids:

Foreign Language Internet Search Engines:



ACTFL Standards:

Developing FL/ESL Standards (information about national and statewide standards):

Language Learning Activities:

Internet Activities for Foreign Language Classes:

Cooperative Learning Activities for the Foreign Language Classroom, by Jean LeLoup and Robert Ponterio:

Language Learning Activities for the World Wide Web:

Yahoo Greeting Cards (click on appropriate country under "International Greetings"):

Internet Treasure Hunts for ESL Students:

Ojalá que llueva café - exercises by Barbara Nelson:

Un Jour à Paris, by Dawn Smith:

Standards for Foreign Language Learning; Activities for French, by Joel Walz:

Imagination Voyages, by Douglas Mills:

La Familia Real Española:

Takako's Great Adventure:

Practical Chinese Reader Videos:

Chinese Fables, by Marlowe Shaeffer and Annie Yang:

Interviews of German students about their projects:

Resources for Teaching and Learning Korean (Monash University):

Korean Folk Tales:


Evaluating Websites:

Evaluating Information Found on the Internet, by Elizabeth E. Kirk:

Web Lesson Evaluation Form:

Site Evaluation Form, Oregon Public Education Network:

Evaluating Internet Resources, St. Norbert College Library:

Rubric for evaluating websites :

Teaching with the Web:

Teaching with the Web -- by Lauren Rosen

The Internet in the one-computer classroom -- by Lewis Johnson

Learning Styles and Web Delivered Foreign Language Education --

Working the Web for Education - by Tom March-

Teaching with the Web: Trails and Tools for German Studies. by Andreas Lixl-Purcell:

DAAD Project (23 German students at the University of Illinois):


Speeding up the Web:

10 Netsurfing Tips: How to Save Time & Avoid Frustration , by Charles Kelly:

Designing Web-based Activities:

How to Write Activities for the Web, by Lewis Johnson:

Web-Based Activities for Foreign Languages:

WWW Activities that Work (and Why!), by Volker Hegelheimer, Douglas Mills, Ann Salzmann, Heidi Shetzer:

How to create a web activity for foreign languages, by Maritza M. Osuna and Carla Meskill:

480 Favorite Teacher Web Pages (For French, Spanish, and German, categorized as Geography, Newspapers, Foods, Sports, Music, Literature, Museums, Artists, Leisure, History, Holidays/ Celebrations, Weather, Search Engines, and Comics):


Making Web Pages:

Beyond Vanity: Your Personal Space on the Web :

HTML Crash Course for Educators, Andy Carvin:

HTML editors:

Creating HTML in Word, Step by Step, by Vance Stevens:

Web Page Design:

Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design, by Jakob Nielsen:

Guidelines for Designing a Good Web Site for ESL Students, by Charles Kelly:

Web page Style Guide at Yale University:

Web Pages that Suck:

The 216 Colors of the Web:

Consistent Color on ALL browsers, 10 easy steps:


Copyright Considerations:

"Tell it to the Judge" Quiz on copyright:

Guidelines for the Use of Copyrighted Materials in Multimedia for Educational Purposes:

10 Big Myths about Copyright Explained, by Brad Templeton:

Linking Rights, by Brad Templeton:

Free Webspace: (Searchable guide to free webspace providers):


For Teachers:







Multimedia on the Web:

Royalty-Free Clip Art Collection for Foreign/Second Language Instruction, by Kazumi Hatasa:

Embed Tags for QuickTime on the Web:

Interactivity on the Web:

Language Interactive Guide to Web Scripting for Language Learning, by Robert Godwin-Jones:

Interactive Web-Based Language Learning:The State of the Art, by Douglas Mills:

Javascript for Language Learning, by Douglas Mills:

Javascript Templates, by Marmo Soemarmo:

Hot Potatoes and other tools by Half Baked Software:

Interactive Exercise Makers, by Daniel Beeby:

Exercise types on the Web and in CAL (Computer Assisted Learning), by Andreas Röllinghoff:

Response-O-Matic (Free form processor): (Add a poll to your web page):


* This page accompanies a workshop, Modern Technology for Modern Language Teaching, conducted at Utah State University in June 2000.

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