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Claire Bradin Siskin
Michigan State University


CALL Software Databases

Word Processing

QuickTime and Recording


Text Reconstruction


CALL Software Databases:

IALL Foreign Language Software Database -- International Association of Language Learning Technology

Multimedia Database -- Language Acquisition Resource Center (LARC) At San Diego State University

Foreign Language Multimedia Software -- National Foreign Language Resource Center ( NLFRC) at the University of Hawaii

Language Software Database -- Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition at the University of Minnesota

TESOL CALL Interest Section Software List -- Deborah Healey and Norman Johnson, Editors

Word Processing:

Word Processing-based Activities for a Language Class

Talking Documents -- by John Higgins

QuickTime and Recording:

SoundRecorder -- A freeware program to record sound on Macintosh computers

Note: For PC's, you can use SoundRecorder, which is part of the operating system in Windows 95 or Windows 98.
For Macintosh, you can also use SimpleSound.

QuickTime 101 -- Basic information about QuickTime

Download QuickTime Pro ($29.95)



HyperCard Templates for Language Learning -- Karaoke Conversation can be downloaded from this page.

Using Karoke Conversation -- Step-by-step instructions for modifying the conversation.


Text Reconstruction Programs:

Overview of Text Reconstruction by Roger Kenner

Storyboard -- for both PC and Mac; produced by Wida Software; available in the US through Athelstan. There is a good description

NewReader -- Produced by Hyperbole Software; Macintosh only

To download a demo of NewReader, go to and then click on

TexToys -- Software tool for creating text reconstruction exercises on the Web (web page includes interactive demos)



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