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Claire Bradin
Michigan State University
  Elin Melchior
Komaki English Teaching Center & Ohio University

Note: This page was prepared for the Affiliate Leaders' Workshop at TESOL '98 in Seattle.

There is now a more complete and up-to-date resource, TESOLWeb, "A Resource and Forum for TESOL Affiliate and IS Webmasters," at

Useful Resources
on the WWW
Difference between Mailing Lists Run by Listservs and Informal E-mail Lists List Owner
Advice for Web
Listservs Informal
E-mail Lists
Types of Information Found on Affiliate Websites


Useful Resources on the WWW:

TESOL Online -
List of TESOL Affiliates with links to websites --
Guidelines for linking back to TESOL -
Web page Style Guide at Yale University -
Set-up for a listserv at one university - http://www.Colorado.EDU/ITS/Email_Lists/index.html
Useful Mailing Lists for TEFL/TESL, Linguistics, and Communication -
Netiquette --

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Advice for Web Coordinators:

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Difference between Mailing Lists Run by Listservs and Informal E-mail Lists:

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I think that mailing lists are very important for organizations because they are a good way to get new people involved in the organization. I only became involved in JALT and TESOL after I was able to figure out what was going on through the mailing lists. They make it easy for people to listen in on conversations until they feel that they have something to contribute.

JALT has 6 mailing lists:

Only the first list can be joined by the public directly. To join the other lists one must write to the listowner in order to join.

Dividing up an organization's mailing lists is a good idea. Many people do not want to be on a list with too much mail.

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List Owner Advice:

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Informal E-mail Lists:

The least obnoxious way for the list keeper to send out messages is to paste all the addresses into the Bcc: (blind carbon copy) area of the e-mail message so that people don't have to scroll through a long string of addresses. The list keeper is in charge of updating the list periodically. S/he sends out a welcome message to all new subscribers. Here is an example from the Michigan TESOL ( MITESOL) web page:

***Welcome to the MITESOL E-mail List, a service of Michigan TESOL to its members. The List is not a listserv, but rather an electronic listing of online members. All list members are free to use the list to advertise jobs, alert the membership to important professional events, or make a collegial request. Mailings can be to the whole group or to selected individuals.

The list is updated periodically. To join the list, please verify your current membership status with the membership database keeper, Janet Payne (jvpayne@AOL.COM), who will authorize your name and address to be added.

Messages are restricted to professional, non-commercial topics or to timely notices affecting the MITESOL family. If you change your membership status, e-address, or job affiliation, please alert the Keeper of the List in a timely way. I look forward to seeing your contributions online.***

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Types of information found on affiliate websites:

About the affiliate:


Executive board:


Affiliate conferences:

Socio-political concerns:



TESOL Conferences:

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