World Wide Web Resources for Research:
Using the WWW in Second Language Research and Teaching

Workshop, Tuesday, February 18, 1997

Workshop Presenters


Language Professional's Guide to WWW

Using and Understanding the Internet -- Beginner's Guide from PBS special

Thinking Critically about World Wide Web Resources

Evaluating Quality on the Net

Searching on the WWW:

ALL-IN-ONE Search Page -- Links to many search engines

Yahoo Language and Linguistics

Sources for Information on Citing On-Line Research

Learn how to do advanced searches

Finding listservs:

How to find and use a Mailing List

Liszt Directory of E-mail Discussion Groups

The List of Lists

Language-related mailing lists

Linguist List

The Linguist How-to's -- Complete instructions for dealing with Linguist

How to use Linguist Lite (LINGLITE)


Linguistic Funland List Form - From this page, it is possible to subscribe to several language-related lists at the same time.


Language Learning & Technology

CALL-EJ - CALL Electronic Journal (publication of JALT)

ReCALL -- Journal of EUROCALL

TESL-EJ Master Page

Computer Assisted Language Learning

CALL Review

Internet TESL Journal

List of Language-related journals (extensive list on the Linguist website)

Useful Resources:

Applied Linguistics Virtual Library

Resources for English Language and Culture -- at Ohio University

Ethnologue -- searchable catalog of the world's languages

Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts Web

Humanities Text Initiative

World Lecture Hall English and Writing ---- Online courses in writing

World Lecture Hall Linguistics -- -- Online courses in Linguistics

Human Language Page

Linguist List Dissertation Abstracts

Collocations Homepage

TESOL Research Interest Section

Useful MSU Resources:

Department of English

English Language Center


TESOL Graduate Student Organization

Writing Center

H-Net: Humanities and Social Studies Online

Second Language Research Forum '97

State News


Workshop Presenters

Alison Mackey
Department of English

Claire Bradin

 Carol Wilson-Duffy
English Language Center

Technical Consultant:

Daniel Park

Language Learning Center