Collaborative Video Projects for the Classroom
Discussion Group
TESOL 2006

Steven Sharp
ESOL Technology Teacher
Prince George's County Public Schools

Claire Bradin Siskin

Description: We will explore the use of digital video in collaborative student projects. Webcams and digital cameras provide an inexpensive and easy way for students to record and share video messages through video teleconferencing, video weblogs (vlogging), or digital portfolios.


1. Introductions
2. Discussion:

a. Describe the video projects are you and your students working on currently.
b. What are the benefits of these projects in terms of language acquisition?
c. Can you point to other benefits?
d. What challenges have you encountered?
e. What hardware tools are you using?
f. What software tools are you using?
g. What specific video-based tasks can you suggest for students to carry out?

3. Wrap-up


Vblog Central:

Vblog: Videoblogging for Beginners:

Web Cams for Young Learners:

Using Technology to Support Alternative Assessment and Electronic Portfolios:

iMovie Example Matrix

iMovie Digital and Media resources (including stuff on podcasting)

iMovies in Education

Links added after the discussion:

BTV (video capture software for Mac):

Snapz Pro (screen capture software for Mac):

Camtasia (screen capture software for PC):

HandBrake (DVD to MPEG-4 ripper/converter):

Owl Reader (RSS reader):

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