Cross the Digital Divide!*

PSMLA 2004

Claire Bradin Siskin

Robert Henderson Language Media Center
University of Pittsburgh

Basics necessary to implement CALL:

A. room layout conducive to communicative environment
B. user-friendly set-up
C. decent software
D. fast Internet connection
E. browser plug-ins
F. storage for large files
G. reasonable server/hard drive policies
H. projector or screen-sharing device
I. appropriate & adjustable lighting
J. sensible lab policies
K. adequate staff
L. desktop support for faculty
M. audio

N. tools for creating multimedia

Justification for using technology:

Where Have We Come From? What Has CALL Really Achieved?

Standards for technology:

International Society for Technology in Education:

Other Resources:

International Association for Language Learning Technology: (IALLT):

Computer-Assisted Language Instruction Consortium (CALICO)

Claire's CALL page:

Planning a Language Resource Center:

LLTI listserver:

LLTI searchable archives:

MSU NextDay Research Project:

Word Processing-based Activities for a Language Class:

Presentation given at the PSMLA 2004 Annual Conference, October 23, 2004, in Pittsburgh

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