Integrating Digital Video into the Foreign Language Curriculum*

Claire Bradin Siskin


References and Resources:


Video Capture Software:

QuickTime Technology:

QuickTime Pro (Pro version is needed to export movies with the correct compression)

What you always wanted to know about QuickTime Pro:

Claire's QuickTime 101 Page:

Web Cams:

Pyro Web Cams purchased from ADSTech

For information on other webcams, check out,
specifically the "Webcam-parison" at

Video Teleconferencing

Videoconferencing in Foreign Language Learning (by Robert O' Dowd):

iVisit (Video teleconferencing software):


Resources for constructivism:


Constructivism (by Martin Ryder):

Constructivism from Philosophy to Practice:

Webcams for Young Learners:

Presentation given at the NEALLT 2004 Conference, March 20, 2004, in Princeton, New Jersey

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