Conquering the Digital Divide by Ensuring Equal Access to Technology
TESOL 2005
San Antonio*


Claire Bradin Siskin

Robert Henderson Language Media Center
University of Pittsburgh

The "Digital Divide" Issue:

Digital Divide Themes:

Understanding the Digital Divide from a Multicultural Education Framework (by Paul Gorski):

Mind the Gap: The Digital Divide as the Civil Rights Issue of the New Millennium (by Andy Carvin):

Reconceptualizing the Digital Divide (by Mark Warschauer):

Crossing the Diversity Digital Divide In Education (by Bonnie Bracey):

Redefining the Digital Divide (by Randal D. Pinkett):

Digital Divide Reality, Fact or Fiction: How do we meet the challenge? (by Joseph Bowman, Jr.):

Crossing the Divide (by Anne Baye Ericksen):

Standards for technology:

International Society for Technology in Education: (Search for "diversity" to find many interesting articles.)

Other Resources:

International Association for Language Learning Technology: (IALLT):

Computer-Assisted Language Instruction Consortium (CALICO)

Resources for an "Energy Break" at the TESOL Conference on March 30, 2005 in San Antonio.

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