Resources for Web-based Activities (French and Spanish)

Claire Bradin Siskin
Robert Henderson Language Media Center
University of Pittsburgh


WWW Resources for Language Teachers (FLTEACH):
Teaching with the Web (Language specific activities):
Internet Activities for Foreign Language Classes:
Cooperative Learning Activities for the Foreign Language Classroom:
How to create a web activity for foreign languages:
Foreign Language Computer-Mediated Activity Resource Library:
Hot Potatoes Website:
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Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links:
Civilisation française:
Sherbrooke: Une ville québécoise:
French Grammar Central:
Francophone newspapers:
French radio and TV resources:
Espace francophone
Activités culturelles



Spanish Grammar Exercises by Barbara Nelson:
La Familia Real Española
Spanish Language Exercises, by Juan Ramón de Arana:
Phonetics: The Sounds of Spanish and English:
La cocina mexicana:
Gramática y ortografía (University of Indiana):
Web Resources: Spanish


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