Internet and Web Cam Activities in the L2 Media Classroom
ACTFL 2005

Elizabeth Wylie-Ernst, Ph. D.
University of Pittsburgh

Claire Bradin Siskin

PowerPoint file of presentation: media_ACTFL 2005.ppt (8.7 MB)

References and Resources:


Video Capture Software:

BTV Software (Macintosh-only software for creating digital movies)


How to make a Digital Movie with BTV handout for Mac OS X (9-page pdf file; email if you would like the Word version of this document.)

QuickTime Technology:

QuickTime Pro (Pro version is needed to export movies with the correct compression)

Frequently asked questions about QuickTime Pro:

Claire's QuickTime 101 Page:

Web Cams:

iSight Webcams purchased from

Video Teleconferencing

Videoconferencing in Foreign Language Learning (by Robert O' Dowd):

iVisit (Video teleconferencing software):


Resources for constructivism:

Constructivism (by Martin Ryder):

Constructivism from Philosophy to Practice:

Presentation given at the ACTFL Conference, November 20, 2005, in Baltimore

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