General musing (We have more skills than we realize!):

Chalkboard Skills - From the Teaching & Learning Center, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Using Templates

HyperCard Templates for Language Learning

Using Karoke Conversation The CTW Mellon Technical Specialists have created these step-by-step instructions for modifying the conversation.

Word Processing

Word Processing-based Activities for a Language Class

Download Nisus Writer 4.1.6 for Free - With Nisus Writer, you can add audio annotations to your documents.

QuickTime and audio

QuickTime 101

SoundRecorder - A freeware program to record sound on Macintosh computers

Text Reconstruction Programs

Overview of Text Reconstruction by Roger Kenner

Lessons from the past, lessons for the future: 20 years of CALL by Graham Davies


Storyboard -- for both PC and Mac; produced by Wida Software; available in the US through Athelstan. There is a good description here

NewReader: Produced by Hyperbole Software; Macintosh only

To download a demo of NewReader, go to and then click on "NRdr2.0-Demo.sea.hqx."

TexToys - Software tool for creating text reconstruction exercises on the Web (web page includes interactive demos).

Fun with Texts -- produced by Camsoft; current PC version; Mac version works on older systems

Eclipse and Sequitur- Produced by John and Muriel Higgins; PC only; download demos


This page was prepared for the Andrew W. Mellon Technology Grant Workshop in Foreign Language Instructional Technology, to take place on November 13, 1999, for the Macalester-Carleton Mellon Consortium..


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