Certifying Competency in CALL

ACTFL 2001
November 18, 2001

Claire Bradin Siskin 
Robert Henderson Language Media Center
University of Pittsburgh

Gisela Hoecherl-Alden
Department of Modern Languages and Classics
University of Maine


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Resources for Language Instruction:

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Virtual shopping trip in France: http://www.pierimport.fr/isroot/pierimport/visite/pano2.htm#

Virtual tour of the Swiss embassy in Berlin:

Interviews with Latin American businessmen/women: http://www.sp.utexas.edu/ork/kelm.html

German 101 and Schnelldeutsch, Part I: http://www.city-net.com/~michaela/eger101.html

German 101 and Schnelldeutsch, Part II: http://www.city-net.com/~michaela/eger102.html

Intercultural Email classroom connections: http://www.iecc.org/

Strategies for Online Networking:

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