How to Make a Web Page




Inexpensive Webspace

Too Much Trouble?


A Personal Website for Effective Teaching:

Writing Oneself in Cyberspace by Daniel Chandler



KompoZer (HTML Editor for Macintosh, Windows, and Linux; free download):

How to Design and Publish Your Website with KompoZer, by Christopher Heng:

HTML Crash Course for Educators, Andy Carvin:

Vance's e-Zguide "10 steps to creating simple HTML files by Vance Stevens:

HTML editors: Help, Info and Reviews

1st Page 2000 (for PC; version 2.0 is free):

Creating HTML in Word, Step by Step, by Vance Stevens:

Core FTP (Free PC-only software for uploading web pages to a webserver):

How to Publish Your Web Page on the Pitt Webspace with Core FTP: coreftp.pdf

Fetch (Mac-only software for uploading web pages to a webserver; free for students & instructors):

How to Publish Your Web Page on the Pitt Webspace with Fetch: fetch.pdf

Web Page Design:

Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design, by Jakob Nielsen:

Guidelines for Designing a Good Web Site for ESL Students, by Charles Kelly:
Note: These guidelines are equallly good for all language students!

Web page Style Guide at Yale University:

Web Pages that Suck:

Web colors (article in Wikipedia):

Web safe color palette:

Resources for Web Accessibility:


Free Webspace: (Searchable guide to free webspace providers):


Inexpensive Webspace:

Banana Hosting:
GoDaddy Hosting:
Fortune City:

Pair Networks (excellent Internet Service Provider in PIttsburgh):

What to do if all this is too much trouble:

QuizStar (Create quizzes of various types):

Nicenet (Create a discussion board for your class):


Quia (commercial service):

Resources for blogs and wikis:


Last revised: February 23, 2009