Resources for PowerPoint


Creating PowerPoint:

PowerPoint in the Classroom (Step-by-step instructions):

PowerPoint Tutorial (Department of Computer Science, University of Rhode Island):

Tips and Tricks for PowerPoint 2000:

Insert and Play Movies in PowerPoint 97/2000 Presentations:

Save a PowerPoint 2000 Presentation as a Web Page:

Deliver Your PowerPoint 2000 Presentation over the Web:

Laptop PowerPoint Presentation Tips:

Use of PowerPoint in the Second Language Classroom:

Using PowerPoint Presentations in Writing Classes (article by by Martha C. Sammons):

Using Presentation Software to Enhance Language Learning (article by Miriam Schcolnik and Sara Kol):

Examples of PowerPoint for Language Learning:

Example of a PowerPoint file to download from the Web:

PowerPoint Presentations for Building Writing Skills, by the Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University:

Additional Resources:

Microsoft Clip Art and Media:

Book: Stoll, Clifford ((1999). The Plague of PowerPoint. In High Tech Heretic: Why Computers Don't Belong in the Classroom. NewYork: DoubleDay, 179-184.

Microsoft PowerPoint - Design Considerations:

Ten Ways to Kill a Presentation:

Lincoln's Gettysburgh Address in PowerPoint:
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