Faculty Needs Assessment Questionnaire

Which of the following tools do you use as part of your language teaching? Which would you like to use?
Please write an "X" in all relevant boxes.

Use now Would like to use
Audio cassette tapes
for student check-out or purchase    
in an audio lab    
Audio CD's    
Pre-recorded videotapes    
Video recorded (or live) via satellite    
Software for computer-assisted language learning (CALL)
 specialized word processors    
 grammar exercises    
 text reconstruction programs    
 listening comprehension    
 reading comprehension    
 concordancers; analysis of literary texts    
 software for networked collaboration    
Electronic reference materials
 multimedia encyclopedias    
 travel/culture related    
 enhancements to literature    
Tools for materials creation
 video camera/studio facilities    
 audio recording facilities    
 audio/video editing facilities    
 software for recording audio    
 software/hardwarefor creating digital video    
 software/hardware for creating graphics    
iPods or other MP3 players    
small portable video camcorders (e.g. Flips)    
 language authoring programs    
 specialized word processors and fonts    
 editors for creating web pages    
authentic websites    
instructional websites    
 social networking websites    
Other (please list):

In your opinion, in what ways could technology best enhance your language teaching situation? Please check all that apply.

____ for independent study

____ for classroom presentations

____ for small group projects and discussions

____ in a lab or whole-class setting

Additional comments:





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