YouTube and other video sharing services


How to download movies
from YouTube

Other video sharing services

Ways to use YouTube

Useful videos

YouTube website (Users should set up an account.)
Article about YouTube Useful article in Wikipedia
How to download movies
from YouTube
ConvertTube Downloads online videos in one step

Converts and downloads video in virtually one step Converts and then downloads

Converts; then sends an email; user goes to website to download the video
AVS Video Converter

PC-only software that converts a YouTube video to iPod format
Other video sharing services TeacherTube Video materials for and by teachers
bigthink "YouTube for intellectuals" "a great service for great shows"
Research Channel creates video resources for use within scientific communities
List of video sharing websites on Wikipedia
Ways to use Youtube videos Download videos and play them in class Put the link in PowerPoint
Link to the videos in PowerPoint and play them in class. (If you have reliable Internet in the classroom)
Find a good video and share the link with students: post link on Blackboard
send link via email
link it from a web page
Embed the video in a web page
Upload your own videos Ask students to add text or video comments
Create a group and ask students to join it Students can then create videos and upload them to the group. Everyone can then post comments on the videos. (Groups can be private or public.)
Create a playlist or several playlists for your favorite videos. Then you can play them all one after the other.
Have students transcribe videos

KanTalk allows learners to transcribe videos from YouTube. It also allows one to make audio recordings and add transcripts to the recordings.
Use the “How to & DIY” category learn new technical skills
Useful videos Web 2.0 & language learning by Graham Stanley
         20/20 Linguistic Profiling from "20/20" tutorial on how to download videos from
One Semester of Spanish - Love Song Learn how to romance a girl with one semester of spanish put to a catchy song
Content and Language Integrated Learning CLIL methods for language learning
Using Second Life Voice How to set up and use the Second Life Voice features.
Do you speak English? See how important it is to learn foreign languages (comic)
The Sims Teach German

Video essay describing the process of modifying video games such as The Sims 2 to be useful to foreign language teachers and learners.
Importance of learning a second language: Goldfish v. Kitty commercial for a language school

Last revised: October 30, 2008