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Useful websites and tools
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Useful websites and tools

Twitter website
(First, set up a free account.)
Newbie's guide to Twitter Rafe Needleman
Twitter Etiquette observations about user behavior and the developing Twitter culture
Twitterlearn twitter service for learning German, Italian, and Spanish
Video about Twitter Robert Scoble interviewed
Twittervision see twits all over the world as they happen
tweetr allows you to send and receive messages from Twitter
Snitter "I can't believe it's not twitter"
Twitteroo desktop application for Twitter (for PC)
Twitterific desktop application for Twitter (for Mac)
Twitbin Twitter plug-in for Firefox (For PC, Mac, or Linux)
TwitterCamp allows you to monitor tweets from your friends
Twitter Fan Wiki many more desktop applications
Twitter Blocks 3-dimensional visualization of who follows whom follows the top 100 twitterholics
Twitterbox a Twitter Client for Second Life
twitiar blog for Argentinean twitterers
Twittergram Send a link to an audio file that appears on Twitter (experimental)
jaiku alternative to Twitter
frazr French clone of Twitter
noumba another French clone of Twitter


Articles about Twitter

Has blogging had its day? (Podcast about why Twitter is overtaking blogs) by Robin Hamman & Kate Bevan
What the Tweet? by Will Richardson
Why We Twitter: Understanding Microblogging Usage and Communities by Akshay Java, Xiaodan Song, Tim Finin, & Belle Tseng
Why Everyone's Talking about Twitter By Anita Hamilton,8599,1603637,00.html
What is Twitter, and is there any reason I should care? by Bobbie Johnson
The Asymptotic Twitter Curve by Kathy Sierra
Friends Swap Twitters, and Frustration by Andrew Lavallee
Is Twitter TOO good? by Kathy Sierra
Confessions of a Twitter Convert by Adam C. Engst
RIP Twitter (2007-2007) by Mat Balez
Eight Ways Twitter is Useful Professionally by Jackson West
Twitter Nation: Nobody cares what you're doing by Helen A.S. Popkin
Ten Tweets about Twitter by Matthew Homann
50 ideas for using Twitter in education by Carol Cooper-Taylor
How Twitter Creates a Social Sixth Sense by Clive Thompson
How to Present While People Are Twittering by Olivia Mitchell


Last revised: February 24, 2009